Life on islands

Project of painting “THE LIFE ON ISLANDS „2002/2004
Exhibition of paintings “The Life on Islands „, Art gallery “Agijas Sūnas mākslas galerija”, Riga, 2004.

The project “The Life on Islands „(2002 — 2004) was a creative action provoked by a curiosity about the island as a small and disconnected territory — the ISLAND. The artistic project was at the same time a research of similarities and differences of the islands of the Baltic Sea governed by different countries.

The fellowship “Baltic Sleipnir” by Nordic Council of Ministers permitted to visit the Nordic islands with the aim to observe and perceive the islands in presence and to research the traditions and culture differences in different places. Several sketches in color were made traveling by ferryboat and car. Returning in Riga the sketches were transmitted into oil paintings for the exhibition “The Life on Islands „, art gallery “Agijas Sūnas mākslas galerija”, Riga.)

The project is the synthesis of the observations, sensations and events in paintings. My particular interest in the painting is the way to transmit the sensations, feelings and previsions into visual art therefore my paintings are abstract. The lines, the colors and the space are my means of expression.

In this project the ISLAND is both direct research object and a symbol for thematic solution.

ISLAND — a country — closed territory, similarities and differences. The sea at the same time separates and unites the islands (culture, language, traditions may be both similar and very different.)

ISLAND — home — the interaction of local with the incoming differences, the other.

ISLAND — a person — individual in the society — the identity of the individual in closed territory.

ISLAND –a thought — a process — situate contradictions, which create something new.

What does it mean– to be an ISLAND in the sea, being isolated and closed territory?

The eternal and the secular — the ISLAND as an ancient natural formation and the secular power (or political power), which determines the belonging or the borders.

The ISLAND is separated and autonomic of the continent. It is a particular setting, which reacts with the incoming culture, politics and social life.

The man on the ISLAND — the safeguarding and the development of the identity. The loneliness. The sensations of the man, who changes the surrounding setting.

The man as the ISLAND — closed, mysterious and undiscovered territory.

The project is the synthesis of sensations and reflections before and after the trips. The process is a part of a result.