Project of painting “LIGHT (BEYOND THE POLAR CIRCLE) 2005/2006
Exhibition of paintings, “Light „, art gallery “Agijas Sūnas mākslas galerija, Riga, 2006.

The light, rays of light, speed of light, waves of light: these notions come to my mind, when I think about the LIGHT. Maybe also I would mention the daylight, which ensures the spiritual and emotional comfort.

The light is acknowledged and evaluated in the context of darkness — we can see the shadow only in the light. The light creates the rhythm and the cycle — twenty–four hours and the chiaroscuros.

The corporeity and tangibility of the light, the space among us — what does it look like? Is it an emotional or physical creation? Is it independent? Or maybe there is somebody between us?

Light relations with the color and the spaces. Different spaces: the North and the South. The beginning and the end of the day. The same notion, the same substance meanwhile the lights are diverse! The variable nature of light.

My artistic research of light are similar to others, but at the same time very individual.

In 2005 the fellowship “Baltic Sleipnir „by Nordic Council of Ministers again permitted me to visit the Nordic countries with the aim to research the light. Several sketches in color were made during the traveling by ferryboat and car in the North of Finland, the Lapland and beyond the Polar circle. The arctic lights and the polar differ from any other light. They inspired me to think about the chiaroscuros. The light is very simple and the same time very complicated phenomenon of art. During the trip I created both the sketches and the conceptual solution of the exhibition.

Currently I continue my work — my particular interest in the painting still is the way to transmit the sensations, feelings and previsions into visual art. Making the space, the light, the objects and situations just in colors is very exciting. The project “Light” is very creative due to its artistic task and philosophical emphasis. The exhibition will consist of five large format paintings — emotional landscapes of light and several small paintings. The abstract manner of paintings permits the spectator to perceive my works freely, using the personal experience.

My author’s technique consists of lazing, coloring and floating. The space, the line and the color are the main means of expression and the most adequate predicate of sensations. The project is supported by the creative fellowship conceded by the Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia.