Sensations on face

Project of painting “SENSATIONS OF FACE (OR FACE APPLICATION) „, 2002/2003
Exhibition of paintings, „Sensations of Face”, art gallery “A. Sūnas mākslas galerija „, Riga, Latvia. 2003.

Project “Sensations of Face „(or Face Application) is an artistic research about the contemporary people acting in the contemporary world being or not being involved in the events happening around.

Project of painting:

Conception — face — symbol — individual, which observes; the space and living territory of the individual and particular point of view. The surrounding setting creates the sensations and designs the “face” of the individual.

The face is the departure point and the space of incoming information. The face is used constantly. How do all these facts impact the face of the individual? How does this situation project the future actions of the individual? The individual through the face observes the world. The face and “Through the Face „(like Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking Glass”.) Therefore in our daily life we don’t know how does our face look like, change and act. The polysemy in the surrounding setting is related to the dualism of the face. The face can play social games, using the physical image. There is nothing truer or more false than a human face. It is like a mask — the appearance can deceive (the mask and the beyond the mask). Every action carried out by the individual in the society requires a particular “face „. The path requires the face. The face is the attitude itself.

Is it possible to continue the path with several “faces” at the same time?

Is it possible to go one way with one face?

Is it possible to go several ways with one face?

The project is the synthesis of the observations and events in the paintings. In the exhibition the paintings summarize the theme and in the meantime conserve the autonomy of each work. The exhibition held in the art gallery “Agijas Sūnas mākslas galerija „represents the series of faces in picture added to the paintings, explaining each artwork. The conditionality of the paining, the abstractionism manner and the ambience pictures freely permits the spectator to feel and perceive a personal “sensation of face”.

The project was supported by the creative fellowship conceded by Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia).