Two shores of one sea

Project of painting “TWO SHORES OF ONE AND THE SAME SEA „, 1999/2000
Exhibition of paintings “Sea…and the Sea „Agueli Galleri, Stockholm, Sweden 1999. Exhibition of paintings “Sea…Sensations”, art gallery “Agijas Sūnas mākslas galerija „, Riga, Latvia, 2000.

Project of painting:

Conception — the same event, notion or idea from different points of view. In this context it means the sea from two sides — from Latvian shore and Swedish shore. The paintings represent not only the structural diversity and different landscapes of seashores, but also the current emotional and spiritual diversity. The sea is not just a landscape, precisely, marine, it is the place and the context of the philosophical and emotional space.

However, in visual perception the image of the sea remains the same — the water, the vastness, the waves, and the landscape.

The project consisted from creative trips by car along the Baltic seashore in Latvia and Sweden — observing, perceiving and fixing the impressions in sketches and photos. (Fellowship “Baltic Sleipnir „by Nordic Council of Ministers.) Afterwards in the studio several large format oil paintings have been made.

The result of the project: exhibitions of paintings in Latvia and Sweden.

(Supported by Creative fellowships of Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia).